It can be difficult to cope with major life transitions. Everything from becoming a new college student, to enduring the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, can leave a person feeling anxious, fearful, and unprepared. It is natural to have these types of uncomfortable feelings when our lives are disrupted, but resolution and stability can be achieved through compassionate and perceptive counseling.  

Talking about life transitions with a therapist can help you cope with the stress and anxiety brought on by difficult changes. Let’s explore your current coping strategies together - building upon what is working for you, and recognizing what is no longer serving you well.  Sometimes making changes can be intimidating or scary, and this is where mindfulness comes in.  Through the practice of mindfulness you can explore new ways of being in your life and connect more fully with the present moment.  You will learn to interact and not react with the thoughts, sensations and feelings that arise during trying times. Utilizing these skills along with Brainspotting which brings forward your own powerful internal resources and healing, you will become well prepared to cope with any difficult life transition that may arise.   

To explore your current coping strategies and other skills that can further support you in your life transitions, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.