Brainspotting Therapy for Sports Trauma and Creative Performance Development in Boulder County

Brainspotting for Sports Trauma and Creative Performance Development

Past traumatic experiences can sometimes have a negative effect on performance. Classic talk therapy often falls short in helping an athlete or performer rid themselves of these negative effects and reach their maximum potential. Since Brainspotting is a brain/body based treatment, it allows clients to process their own trauma (i.e. flying over the handlebars while out on a bike ride), or a secondary trauma (i.e. witnessing another performer flub their lines and run off stage in humiliation), while also untangling the thoughts and beliefs attached to the trauma. This leads to relief from held trauma that causes negative effects like “blocks” and “the yips” that athletes, musicians, actors, and public speakers, may experience during their creative lifetimes.

Here is a wonderful short documentary from ESPN’s “30 for 30” series by renowned documentarian Alex Gibney. This is a poignant example of how Brainspotting can help athletes work through and extinguish the blocks that are holding them back. Watch Dr. David Grand work with Mackey Sasser here:


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