About Thad

Thad Frye, Grief and Brainspotting Therapist

********I am now seeing new clients through In-Depth Therapy in Broomfield********


Counseling individuals through life’s many transitions has been part of my spirit since grade school. In third grade I broke up a fight between two classmates, a friend who witnessed this interaction said to me “you should become a counselor.” At the time, I’m not sure either of us knew what being a counselor meant, but the fight and my friend’s words set me in a direction toward what would become my life’s work.

Many years later, after enduring the death of a beloved sibling and both of my parents in short order, I struggled mightily with anxiety and depressive thoughts. Even though I had loving friends and family surrounding me, they did not necessarily know how to help me, and I didn’t know how to make my own needs known. I began to search for answers - I knew things had to change. I ultimately decided to create change in my life by seeking compassionate counseling so I could learn how to find relief from the distressing emotions I was battling.  

My counselor walked alongside me on my journey and showed me that I did not have to go it alone. Counseling provided a safe place for me to tell my story, it allowed me to integrate my losses, and it taught me healthy coping tools as I walked along the path to healing. It was through grief counseling that I discovered real hope and experienced how true and powerful healing can happen.

In my practice I help adult clients who are dealing with issues of grief and loss, past traumas, major life transitions, sports traumas and creative performance enhancement. I would be honored to be your counselor and walk alongside you on your path to healing. I'd love to hear from you - please contact me today for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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